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Hasheveinu was founded as a Yeshiva for youths struggling with a wide variety of spiritual challenges. At the helm of Hasheveinu is the esteemed Rosh Yeshivah Harav Shlomo Channen of Beit Shemesh who along with Rav Asher Channen create a warm Torah environment to help the boys grow and develope into G-d fearing independant people

The tragic phenomenon of fringe and dropout youth is one of the central spiritual challenges facing religious Jewry today. With outside influences beckoning, and the lure of the streets and its temptations often too great to bear, it became necessary to found a Yeshiva that would also serve as a home and haven to these struggling adolescents. Identifying this pressing need of the community, The Yeshiva, which waves the banner of learning, living and practicing Torah, invites students to learn Torah in a relaxed, low-pressure environment while simultaneously melding into healthy society, either by studying a vocation, getting a job, or joining a religious army track

Hasheveinu is located o Mount Zion near the Sultan’s Pool, in a quiet, pastoral setting that is conducive to peace of mind and enhances the boys’ learning. The Yeshiva is maintained completely by the students, with regular rotations for cooking, cleaning, and maintenance that spare the Yeshiva the added expense of a hired staff.

This system simultaneously fosters the boys’ pride in themselves and their abilities and contributes to the feeling that Yeshivat Hasheveinu is, indeed, their home.


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